How to Use Color Codes of Commands to Review Programming in VCS

Step 1: Locate the command categories

NOTE:  In VCS, code categories are listed in the top left corner.

NOTE: Commands are filtered based upon categories, and VCS utilizes colors to sort commands based upon class.

Step 2: Click on a category to view available commands 

NOTE:  When the Actions category is clicked, various command options for Actions are displayed.

NOTE:  Notice the color of the actions.  In this instance, actions are light blue.

Step 3: Recognize patterns in the colored code

NOTE: In the example, above, there is a recognizable pattern within the colors of lines of code.  Motor settings are dark blue.  Actions are light blue.  User defined functions and variables are orange.

NOTE:  Different code editors utilize colors in various ways, but users should always seek out the patterns in order to better understand their code.  Changing the color theme of the text editor can also affect the particular colors used to indicate the categories of code.