How to use Vision.object.origin X and Y

Step 1: Configure the Vision Sensor in VCS

Step 2: Understanding the Vision Sensor's Resolution

  • Notice that the Vision Sensor has a resolution for 316 pixels vertically by 212 pixels horizontally. Because the Vision Sensor's resolution is 316 by 212, the maximum range of detection is 0 to 315 on the X-axis and 0 to 211 on the Y-axis.

Step 3: Understanding the Origin Location

  • Look at the image above. The Vision Utility origin or the (0,0) position is located at the upper left of the window and increases the X position as you move to the right and increases the Y position as you move down.
  • Notice that once a signature is captured, the signature is tracking and the location of the X and Y value position is located at the top left. The top left corner of the recognized pixels is the origin of the object on both the X and Y axis.

Step 4: Tracking Multiple Objects

  • You can program using VCS to track up to seven different colored objects by configuring the Vision Sensor to look for the different color signatures in the vision utility.