How to Charge the VEX IQ Controller Battery

Charging a Controller Battery with a USB Cable

Connect the Controller to a Computer or other USB power source.

  • Connect the microUSB to the Controller’s Charge port and the USB to the computer or other USB power source.
  • Ensure the Controller is turned on.

NOTE: The Controller can also be charged by connecting the USB cable to a USB wall adapter. 

NOTE: Charging the Controller with a USB cable is the preferred charging method.

Charging a Controller Battery with a Tether Cable

Step 1: Tether the Controller to the VEX IQ Robot Brain.

  • Connect one end of the Tether Cable to the powered-off Brain with a charged VEX IQ Robot Battery and the other end to the Controller.
  • Listen for the “click” when the Tether Cable is inserted into the Controller and Brain to confirm that the Tether Cable is attached securely. 

NOTE: Charging the Controller this way is not the preferred way of charging and will partially deplete the Robot Battery’s charge.

Step 2: Turn on the Brain to begin charging.

  • Click here for more information about turning on the Brain.

See the table below to understanding the Charge/Game Indicator Lights on the Controller:

NOTE: There are three possible colors for the Charge / Game LED: green, red, and gray.

Charge / Game LED Color Status

Solid Green Controller Battery is completely charged

Solid Red Controller Battery charge in progress

Blinking Red Controller Battery fault

Off Not charging

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