What is a VEX Account?

A VEX Account (https://login.vex.com/) is an easy way to login to different VEX services. By using a single VEX Account, you won't have to remember individual usernames and passwords for each site. A single VEX Account can be used to login to different VEX Robotics sites and applications.

You can use a login.vex.com  to sign in to different VEX Robotics sites and applications. 

Current offerings:

You can register for a VEX Account at https://login.vex.com/register. For directions on how to register your account, click here.

Note: Current VEX users, who have a vexforum.com account, will need to register a new VEX Account to access all of the current offerings. If the user provides the same email used for the vexforum.com account for their new VEX Account, the two accounts will merge.