How to Connect the Robot Brain to an iPad for Wireless Downloading

Step 1: Turn on the VEX IQ Robot Brain by pressing the Check button.

Step 2: Press the X button on the Robot Brain to see the Settings menu. 

Step 3: Press the Down Arrow to check that the Radio Data is set to On. 

  • Press the Check button to turn the Radio Data On if it is Off.

Step 4: Ensure Radio Data is on by checking the arrows at the top of the screen.

Step 5: Use the up arrow to highlight System Info and then press the Check button.

Step 6: Remember the Brain ID number that you will use to connect the Robot Brain to the iPad. 

Step 7: Select the Brain icon at the top of VEXcode IQ Blocks. 

  • Select the + button to add your Robot Brain ID number.

Step 8: Use the number keypad to enter in your Robot Brain ID number.

Step 9: Select Submit after entering your Robot Brain ID number.

Step 10: Wait a few seconds for the Robot Brain and iPad to connect.

Step 11: See that the Robot Brain is connected when the Brain icon turns bolded green.

You’ll also see that the arrows at the top of the Brain’s screen are solid now which indicates a successful Smart Radio Connection.