How to Run a VEX Coding Studio Program on a V5 Robot Brain

Step 1: Open VEX Coding Studio and open (or create) your program

  • Use VEX Coding Studio to create a program or open an already existing program.

NOTE: If the program has already been downloaded to the V5 Robot Brain, you can skip to Step 4.

Step 2: Connect the V5 Robot Brain to your computer using the provided USB A to Micro Cable

  • Connect the V5 Robot Brain, a charged V5 Battery, and your computer.
  • Power on the V5 Robot Brain.

Step 3: Download the program to the V5 Robot Brain

  • Click the Brain selection icon and highlight your connected V5 Robot Brain to ensure VCS recognizes there is a V5 Robot Brain plugged in and the firmware is up to date.
  • Click outside the selection window to close it, then click the Download button.

Step 4: Run your program on your V5 Robot Brain

  • Click the Run button in VEX Coding Studio to run the program while the robot is still connected to your computer.

NOTE: Be careful - if the robot will be moving, it could pull on the USB Cable! You may want to support the robot on something so it will not move.