How to Configure the Vision Sensor in VCS

Step 1: Connect the Vision Sensor to the V5 Robot Brain

  • Plug one side of the V5 Smart Cable into the Vision Sensor and the other side into Port 5.

NOTE: You will need to have VEX Coding Studio already installed on your computer.

Step 2: Navigate to the Robot Configuration Window

  • Click on the Robot tab in the top right corner in VCS.

Step 3:  Add a Vision Sensor to the Robot Configuration Page

  • Drag a Vision Sensor from the frame on the left into the Robot Configuration pane.

Step 4: Assign the Vision Sensor to a Smart Port

  • Click on the Vision Sensor, then click on a port number to select that port.

Step 5: Rename the sensor

  • Rename the device with a descriptive term like "VisionSensor" by selecting the text with the default name (Vision1) in the top left corner of the device and replacing it with a name of your choice.

Step 6:  Connect the Vision Sensor to the computer

  • Use a micro USB cable to connect the Vision Sensor to your computer.

NOTE: Be careful not to hold the button on the Vision Sensor while plugging in the USB cable or it will trigger an unwanted update mode.

  • Plug the small end of the cable into the Vision Sensor and the large end of the cable into your computer. 

NOTE: The V5 Robot Brain does not need to be connected to the computer or turned on for this process.

Step 7: Open the VEX Vision Utility

  • Click on the small gear icon on the Vision Sensor in the Robot configuration pane to launch the VEX Vision Utility. 

NOTE: The VEX Vision Utility displays the field of view in front of the Vision Sensor.

Step 8: Position a colored object

  • Position the colored object and Vision Sensor so that the object takes up the majority of the frame in the VEX Vision Utility.
  • Press the Freeze button to lock the frame.

Step 9: Select a colored object

  • Using the mouse or trackpad cursor, click and hold on one corner of the colored object, drag your cursor to the opposite corner of the object, and then release. 

NOTE: Doing so should create a red rectangle over your colored object.

Step 10: Calibrate the color signature

  • Click on one of the seven Set boxes on the right to store it as a color signature. 
  • Click on the arrows to the right of the selected Set box, and then drag the slider that appears to the left or right, until most of your colored object is highlighted while the background and other objects are not.

Step 11: Track the color signature

  • Press the Freeze button once more to allow the Vision Sensor to resume tracking. 
  • Move the colored object within the field of view of the Vision Sensor to ensure that it is being tracked.

Step 12: Save the color signature

  • When finished, close the VEX Vision Utility and disconnect the micro USB cable.

NOTE: The signatures have now been saved to the program on your computer. You will need to download or re-download the program to the brain.

NOTE: The Vision Sensor is sensitive to different levels of light. The color signatures might need to be re-calibrated if the levels of light in the robot's environment change.

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