How to Configure a Bumper Switch in VEX Coding Studio

Step 1: Connect a Bumper Switch to your V5 Robot Brain

  • Choose any available 3-Wire Port to make the connection.
  • Remember the port letter of the 3-Wire Port that you used.

Step 2: Navigate to the Robot configuration window

  • Open or create a Modkit or VEX C++ program in VEX Coding Studio.
  • Click on the Robot button to open the graphical robot configuration view.

Step 3: Add a Bumper Switch to the configuration

  • Drag a Bumper Switch from the drawer on the left into the right side configuration window.

Step 4: Assign the Bumper Switch to the 3-Wire Port you chose

  • Click on the Bumper Switch, then click on the letter of the port you used.
  • If you wish, give the Bumper Switch a different name in your code by changing the Bumper1 name in the upper left text box.