How to Configure the Limit Switch in VCS

Step 1: Connect the Limit Switch to the V5 Robot Brain using a 3-Wire Port 

  • Connect the Limit Switch to one of the 3-Wire Ports on the V5 Robot Brain.

Step 2: Navigate to the Robot configuration window

  • Open VCS.
  • Click on the Robot tab.

Step 3: Add a Limit Switch to the Robot Configuration Page

  • Drag a Limit Switch from the frame on the left into the Robot Configuration pane.

Step 4:  Assign a Limit Switch to a 3-Wire Port

  • Click on the the Limit Switch, then click on the letter to select the port. 
  • Designate the 3-Wire Port you wish to assign by clicking on the letter on the V5 Robot Brain that appears next to the device. 

Step 5:  Rename the sensor

  • Rename the device with a descriptive term like "Limit Switch" by selecting the text with the default name in the top left corner of the device and replacing it with a name of your choice.