How to Mount and Wire the Vision Sensor

Step 1: Collect the parts you will need

  • Have ready the following: (1) 90-Degree Gusset, (1) 1.00" Standoff, (4) #8-32 x 3/8" Star Drive Screw, and (1) T15 Star Screwdriver (not shown). 

Step 2: Secure the Vision Sensor to your V5 Clawbot and wire it to the V5 Robot Brain

  • Use the screwdriver to secure the gusset into the back of the Vision Sensor by using two screws. 
  • Screw one side of the standoff into the gusset and the other side into the beam of the claw arm's wall. This image shows the proper position at the top-left side of the claw arm's wall but it does not show all of the V5 Clawbot.
  • Use a Smart Cable to connect the Vision Sensor to a Smart Port on the V5 Robot Brain.

Note: When mounting the Vision Sensor, ensure that it is upright and horizontal in order to avoid coding issues.